Take Action

Your voice will make a difference

Learn more about Raise The River, a collaborative effort between leading NGOs, which aims to bring water back to the Colorado River Delta.  Click to view or download the Raise The River Brochure.

Join Coloradans of all stripes in telling Governor Hickenlooper you stand with him on the importance of conservation. In his State of the State address, he said “every discussion about water should start with conservation.” We agree!

Join Change the Course and their corporate sponsors in restoring sustainable flows to the Colorado River. For each pledge, Change the Course sponsors will fund 1,000 gallons of water to be restored to the delta. Take the pledge, and spread the word!

Improve the health of the Colorado River near Moab, Utah by continuing to remove the Atlas urainum tailings pile from the shores. Join The Nature Conservancy in appealing to elected officials through a letter writing campaign.

Help restore Colorado River ecosystems and maintain a reliable water supply for millions of people who depend on Lake Mead, in major cities such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and San Diego, as well as on farms across the region. Support Glen Canyon Institues’s Fill Lake Mead First Plan

Help Utah Rivers defeat the Lake Powell Pipeline and the proposed diversion of the Green River. Call or email your legislators to ask them to save something for Utah’s rivers. Your elected officials represent you. Let them know you support water and river conservation.